In the Murmansk region built a new biofuel boiler


In Luvenge (Murmansk region) within the nursing program from black oil dependence of the region completed a new boiler which can work on the sawdust, wood chips and pellets. This project aims to reduce the cost of production of thermal energy used to heat the village. According to preliminary estimates, the new boiler will save on the purchase of energy 12 million rubles a year.

After commissioning biokotelnoy acting in Luvenge electric boiler to be used as a backup source of heat generation.


By saving on fuel (1 Gcal of heat production is 8000 rubles for the electric boiler, and there will be 2000 900 rubles), first in the village should stabilize utility rates, and in 2014 the population of their promised reduction in half.

The cost of the project — 34.8 million rubles, of which 31.6 million rubles. highlighted the regional budget, 3.2 million rubles. — Seater. The governor Dmitry Dmitrienko, examining new building, said: "On the issues of energy efficiency and reduction of tariffs do not mind spending the money. Deciding to these questions, we will cope with all the other problems. "


As a source of heat for luvengskoy biokotelnoy do decide to use wood chips — wood waste, which will deliver the most likely of Zelenoborsk and Kayralov (district Alakurtti). According to available information, the issue of delivery of raw Solution: kayralovskogo timber merchant has dumper. And according to the head of OOO "Utilities" Luvenga "Kostyuchenko, plans to buy his company chipper, it will further reduce the cost of production.

It should be emphasized that this project is unique in the region. However, as the project that is currently being implemented in the boiler room CCT. Recall, there continues to mount gazifikatornoy installation, which can be heated village metallurgists cheaper fuel — coal gas.

The head of the region emphasized that both these projects — not a return to the past, and the transition to modern technology. "Advertisement flywheel, inherited from the Soviet era, — Admitted Dmitrienko — it was very hard. But now it does not stop, and the proof of this are appearing in Kandalaksha real objects of which one and a half years ago, only saying "

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