In the Murmansk region built the first energy-efficient house


The new three-storey house built in Monchegorsk. It is designed for 24 families, has two entrances and a large basement, which houses communications and heating plant. The plans of the authorities before the end of 2012 to build six more houses in different municipalities.

According to the CEO of the contractor "Square" Nicholas Croitoru, thanks to special technology of wood processing, acoustic and thermal insulation of the house at least two times greater than existing in the region.

Energy-efficient technologies

The designers of the building argue that energy-saving technologies were originally incorporated in the design of this house. However, to date, the specific figures on potential savings of heat and electricity are unknown.

The house was built on a new area for Austrian technology monolithic construction — from lightweight, durable foam in a wooden formwork. Its main material — environmentally friendly schepotsementnaya stove that provides the perfect insulation. This is, the house is able to save the internal heat without letting it out.

Besides insulated facade and roof, this house features new windows, doors tight, LED lighting stairwells with motion sensors. A thermal equipment center allows you to adjust the heat input, depending on the outdoor temperature and count every consumed Gcal.


Key financial difficulties, according to Croitoru, is to search for lenders. Company is required to find their own money to build public housing, and the municipality returns these costs through the purchase of apartments, but only after the house in operation. Funds for this purchase he receives from the federal and regional budgets through a program of resettlement of citizens from old and dilapidated housing.

Timely lack of credit is not allowed to pass this stroyfirmy trehetazhku in December last year. And just next door to build a second social house, the deadline which was set for this month. Only enough money to the foundation. Now, city officials say the problem is settled and the building completed in seven months.

Another challenge was the need to bring building materials from other regions, dramatically increasing their cost, as well as the timing works.

"We chose this project because such a long and successful home building in St. Petersburg and Kazan, and their service life is 150 years. Apartments there exactly the same square footage, which previously had resettled citizens ", — said the deputy head of the city of Monchegorsk Anatoli Seleznev.

Emergency Energy Fund helps

It turns out that the first energy-efficient homes in the Murmansk region appear in the resettlement programs emergency housing.

This was discussed at a recent meeting of the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of the Murmansk region. The leaders of municipalities and construction companies discussed the implementation once the four regional programs for the resettlement of people from emergency housing and the construction of energy-efficient low-rise buildings on the programs implemented with the participation of the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services.

According to the ministry, by the end of the year in the Murmansk region will be six more energy-efficient homes. Is supposed to apply all the positive experience of the neighboring regions, and take into account all the necessary requirements for energy conservation for residential energy efficiency class "A" — the facade insulation, installation of plastic windows, LED lighting with motion sensors.

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