In the Murmansk region culminated in the teachings of the landfill Bowl

The past week near the Pechenga District-range "balls", were battalion tactical exercises. Plot allocated for military training — moorland, rugged small lakes, plains, and around — a hill. Earlier there was a road to Murmansk. That it tried to break through to the city of the Nazi occupiers. Its now used by the military. But — is ours. Lonely concrete buildings, where, according to one version, features a German hospital — a perfect target for the tanks.

 The exercise involved the first mechanized infantry battalion, reinforced with artillery and tank company — told the legend of the acting chief of staff Alexander Shvidenko exercises. — The battalion, leading mobile defense off the external border. Here motorized infantry company into battle for the top, the Murmansk area. Challenge — to prevent an enemy breakthrough in the direction of the Upper Luostari. 
These events preceded the defeat of conventional enemy forces far from the main line of defense. One of the groups, posing as a great mix, draw fire, forcing the enemy to reveal all their cards. Artillery arrives and immediately broke the adversary order of battle and destroyed most of its troops. Ambush at this time finishing off remaining and rushed to help the defending infantry.Frogmen in Novorossiysk on September 13 will showcase their skills for the prevention of sabotage at the facilities of the fleet. Exercises will be held in the Novorossiisk naval base. In their framework will involve one of the large amphibious ships and personnel departments and services of the logistics base.
In terms of exercise is also indicative rescue operation to extinguish a fire on a ship in distress, refueling ships at sea, loading it on weapons and equipment 


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