In the Murmansk region launched a new Mining

July 24 at the GOK "Deer Creek" JSC "North-Western Phosphorous Company" — a subsidiary of JSC "Akron" — took measures to launch the first phase.

The new mine is located in the Khibiny Mountains — the largest mountain range in the Kola Peninsula. The company has already started to develop the same name apatite-nepheline ores — November 4, 2011 in the open-pit mine was mined first ton of ore.

Capacity of the first plant is one million tons of apatite concentrate. In view of the construction contractors Mining gives the region for more than two thousand jobs.


— On the "Deer Creek" is possible extraction of apatite ore open pit mine followed by transfer to a method that will allow us to quickly get your own apatite concentrate — the chairman of the coordinating council of "Akron" Kantor. — We have developed and patented a new method for producing the rare earth elements from a material which is obtained in the production of fertilizers. I hope that 2013 will be launched pilot manufacturing plant, which will lead not only to the downstream processing of the concentrate, but also to produce a set of rare earth oxides.

In 2017, the field Deer creek is planned to start an underground mine and increase the power of Mining and two million tons of apatite concentrate. In addition to raw materials for the production of phosphate fertilizers, is expected to produce nepheline, sphene, aegirine and titaniferous magnetite concentrates. Subsequently, the production capacity of the GOK should reach six million tonnes a year for the extraction of apatite-nepheline ores.



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