In the Murmansk region opened a new road from the border to the Norwegian Polar

First-class route to the north of the 69 parallel cut the journey between Murmansk and the border of Norway for 20 minutes.

October 8 was put into operation two sections of the road R-21 "Kola" in the Pechenga area. At 1,517 km of federal highway bridge was built across the river Pechenga. On the site since 1547 from 1572 km road has been updated with modern road surface.

Notorious fact that anyone would bring to a white heat, leading from Murmansk in the north-west road E105 now just to find out. Large-scale road-building and replacement of pavement go past few years. October 8 opened to traffic on the new road from The Polar to the camp "Gulfstream" where a direct path is to the Norwegian border. 

With the commissioning of the new road on Polar there is no need to go through a more southern route Nickel. The new road will save 15 minutes, and this road is of excellent quality. Just a few minutes will save the new section of road and bridge Pechenga,
Opened in September. New asphalt on the road from The Polar Companion to make the trip even more comfortable.

The last kilometers of the road to the border checkpoint upgraded a few years ago. PPC Boris Gleb on the Russian side and on Norwegian Storskog — the narrowest place on the way between the East and the West. In the coming years the two border points will be rebuilt. First Boris Gleb — with funding from the program Kolarctic, then Storskog, bandwidth is promised on Monday a new government of Norway.

Further to the east a new, wider bridge over Titovka should open in the near future.

On the Norwegian side in August completed work on upgrading the route to the site from E105 to Storskog Paz River. Next summer is complete modernization of the remaining section of the route to Kirkenes and E6, which planned to build a new bridge across the mouth of the Paz River and pave the tunnel under the adjacent residential area.

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