In the Murmansk region opened the smallest kindergarten

In the Murmansk region, in the village of Lapp opened a new kindergarten. Total … 9 kids. Most pre-school children in the village is not there. Bye. After the launch of the garden was a great help to young mothers. Carry crumbs in Shong or Fur for 20 kilometers, as it once was, now is not necessary. They are always there, always under supervision. So it is possible that a couple of years they have brothers and little sisters will make their first steps in the new preschool.

By the opening of a new kindergarten kids are getting ready for several weeks. Rehearse a 20-minute skit. But true creative plans, apparently, was not meant to be. Guests brought a whole bunch of toys, naively believing that they will remain intact until the end of the concert. But to the rooms, it never came.
Garden tour lasted a few minutes. The entire establishment — it’s a bedroom, a kitchen and a group. The guests of different ages — kids just nine — but the garden in the Lapp was needed. In fact, until today, children had to be taken into Shong or Fur. It is 30 kilometers away. Half an hour by bus.
This kindergarten is the seventh in a series of newly opened establishments. Murmansk, Severomorsk, Polar Zori Krasnoshchelye provided to children and 1.5 thousand people. In the Lapps are ready to expand. We would be interested.

The deputy governor of the Murmansk region Bogushevich Paul said: "It appears that the 7 babies were born in 2011. Further group of suitable replacement, 100% shall complete, and we say that the year 2015 will solve the problem in the region. Properly discussed today — there is the prospect of moms Young and dads to give birth to babies. "
The program involves the regional government in 2015 to open 10 kindergartens. Especially in small towns. In the village of berthing, for example. Moreover, experts believe, not necessarily to build new buildings, spending on the tens of millions of rubles. It is possible to reconstruct the old institutions. As it did in the Lapps. Kindergarten is located next to the recreation center.
The reconstruction leisure center and turning it into a nursery school started in November last year. Open the institution planned to September 1, 2012, but the work is completed in the shortest possible time. And today 9 kids found their second home.

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