In the Mykolaiv region opened a laboratory for the identification of GMOs

A few days ago in the Ukraine there was an event that went unnoticed by many media Kiev. In a small town Voznesensk that in the Mykolaiv region, opened Laboratory-industrial complex analysis products for GMO content, unique, according to its creators — the company "Genotest" there in the Ukraine.

For the first time in one place the whole cycle will be introduced laboratory diagnostics. This production biochip — unique, innovative technology, through which will pass analysis. This is actually the very holding of mass screening of Agricultural Products in the laboratory of qualitative and quantitative analysis of GMOs in the complex. This issue on the analysis of the certificate of conformity of products to the manufacturer was confident in his product and could easily be put on their product label "non-GMO."

Technology of production of biochips, which offers the company for analysis, patented in 9 countries of the CIS. In contrast to the conventional techniques of research and the identification of GMOs, this technology allows one biochip hold up to 4 tests for the presence of transgenic insertions and allows to analyze more than three products at the same time, which affects the speed of high performance and the cost of analysis.

Bulgakov explained that the opening of the complex in Voznesensk — this is just the beginning (in the near future the company plans to open a network of laboratories in Ukraine qualitative and quantitative analysis).

Note that on account of Bulgakov‘s not one project nationwide scale. Previously, he instilled in life payphone major projects due. For many years he was the head of JSC "Promsvyaz" and JSC "National Payphone Network" of Russia, as well as to implement projects of public telecommunications networks in Ukraine and Russia.

Bulgakov expressed the hope that the opening of the Laboratory-industrial complex in Voznesensk will not only facilitate the opening of new jobs, but will also work to help AGroSoyuz and the food industry of the city, the area, and in the future — the whole Ukraine.

In turn, the city mayor Yuri Voznessensk Gerzhoy expressed confidence that the complex will be a good example of how the power is shared with the business can not solve the problem of controlling the spread of GMOs in the country and to work together for the good of the Ukrainians and the health of the nation.

As reported, before the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has tightened control over GMO products vvev mechanism to track sales of products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). For the corresponding changes to the law "On State biosecurity system at creation, testing, transportation and use of GMOs" voted 324 deputies.

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