In the NAO has started installation of the highest TV tower in the county

In the last days of summer in the village Velikovisochnoye Nenets Autonomous District, work began on the construction of a new television tower. Openwork beauty height of 48 meters will be the most important symbol of renewal of Contemporary Arts — Television. Since its commissioning residents distant even from the district center, not just the capital cities, villages Polar can enjoy all the benefits of the "digital revolution".


Recall that a significant acceleration of the transition to digital terrestrial NAO TV happened after the signing in August 2011 in Moscow at the headquarters of the Russian Television and Broadcasting Network Special Agreement on cooperation in the development of television and radio broadcasting. Due to the personal involvement of the leaders of the FSUE RTRS Andrew Romanchenko NAO and the Governor Igor Fyodorov in the past year specialists of the Arkhangelsk radio television transmitting center has done a great job on the survey areas and the choice of 22 plots of land for the construction of new structures of communication, preparation of the necessary documents and obtaining approvals and permits. 
Held by Arkhangelsk radio television transmitting center in July of this year, a special expedition helped to clarify the specifications of construction, minimize risks and optimize the cost of the project. Taking into account all the adjustments in late August specialists contractor — the company "Radio" from the Kirov — started installation of new communications facilities. 
— Construction in Velikovisochnoye symbolizes the beginning of the first and second phase of activities of the Federal Target Program "Development of the Digital Terrestrial Television" in the district — said the deputy director of the Arkhangelsk radio television transmitting center Victor Rumin. — Under the project, we need to build 23 of the digital broadcasting, including 22 new ones, in height from 12 to 48 meters, and reconstruct the existing tower in Naryan-Mar.
TV tower in Velikovisochnoye will be one of the tallest buildings in the NAO, but its value lies not only in altitude: it will install digital transmitters, through which more than a thousand residents of the village and the surrounding area will be able this year to watch 10 channels of the first multiplex (package programs), then the number will increase.

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