In the Navy are commissioned newest universal sports and recreation complex

In some parts of the compounds of the Airborne Forces are commissioned newest universal sports and recreation complex. Infrastructure systems designed and built taking into account the specificity and specialization of specific airborne units.

In the spring of 2012 will be put into operation two universal sports and recreation complex "Start-15", one of which is located in 51 Parachute Regiment 106 Airborne Division (Tula), the second in the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School named after VF Margelov. Typical complexes "Start-15" include: a sports hall, a martial arts gym, jogging track and swimming pool.

According to the head of physical education and sport Navy Colonel Gennady Yagodkina, these sports facilities, meet the basic criteria of fitness paratrooper, while providing additional sports and fitness and recreation and restoration function is not unimportant for the military forces of a special kind.

In 2011 started the construction of two facilities: a 247 Air Assault Regiment 7 Air Assault (Mountain) Division (Stavropol) and 45 separate shelf for special purposes (Kubinka, Moscow region). In these parts began construction of a dedicated sports complex "Fighter-15", which in addition to major sporting unit which is included in the "Start-15", will be built climbing wall — an artificial structure that mimics the relief of the rock that is fully consistent with the specialization of these parts Air Airborne troops. Both sports — sports complex "Fighter-15" is scheduled to be commissioned in the autumn of 2012.

In addition, during 2013 will begin construction of two complexes "Start -15" in the 98 Guards Airborne Division (Ivanovo) and 242 training center of the Airborne Troops (Omsk).

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