In the Navy put into service a new chemical reconnaissance vehicle RHM-5

In 2011, the Airborne Troops (VDV) were reported prototypes modernized chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-5. After a series of tests carried out at the sites of Tula and Pskov airborne compounds, the car was put into service.

RHM-5 machine is fitted with a dropping aircraft military transport aircraft with crew inside and is designed to provide radiation, chemical and biological non-specific intelligence in combat formations airborne units.

On reconnaissance vehicle systems with the latest means of determining the level of contamination of different objects and the automatic transmission of the results of exploration. Equipment, integrated satellite navigation system GLONASS, greatly facilitates terrain orientation in difficult conditions.

RHM-5 provides a sufficiently high protection of the crew from the effects of weapons of mass destruction.

In the Navy has already received six RHM-5 — in units of radiation, chemical and biological protection of 76 Air Assault and 106 Airborne Divisions.

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