In the Navy received the first of 40 sets of the latest small-sized jammers little forest

The first 40 sets of small-sized jammers "little forest" of a new generation entered service departments of electronic warfare (EW) of the Airborne Troops (VDV).

Complexes "little forest" protect armored, vehicles and personnel from defeat radio-controlled mines and explosive devices, as in the parking lot, and on the move.

According to its effectiveness "little forest" is much greater than previously unreleased products due to the fact that it is 3 times extended frequency range and used new methods of forming interference. The complexes can be placed in armored vehicles, car, backpack or briefcase.

Deliveries of new electronic warfare systems in the Airborne division will continue throughout 2013

In the summer of 2012 Russian paratroopers also received new electronic warfare systems "infauna" and MKTK-1A "Judoka". "Infauna" is designed to protect personnel from radio-controlled mines and explosive devices, small melee weapons, as well as the suppression of enemy radio communications.

"Judoka" is an automated system for mobile radio, radiohenicheskogo and special monitoring the effectiveness of information and assess the electromagnetic environment. Thus, the complex is able to detect and measure the parameters and determine the location of electronic devices, missile defenses (BMD), as well as to detect and block technological channels of information leakage at military facilities.

A total of 2020 units to equip the Navy and the Army planned to allocate 2.6 trillion rubles.

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