In the NBC division of the Western Military District receives new equipment

High-efficiency models of weapons and special equipment continue to come into service units separate brigade of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Western Military District (WEST), deployed in the Kursk.

So, now instead of outdated RPO-A rocket infantry flame throwers come RPO PDM-A, in its combat capabilities and characteristics superior to its predecessor in more than 2 times. This modification RPO PDM-A thermobaric warheads made and very effective for the destruction of the enemy placed in long-term fire and fortifications, as well as for the destruction of cars and light armored vehicles.

Coming into service are also not inferior to the best foreign analogues chemical reconnaissance vehicle RHM-6, which equipment is mounted on the base of BTR-80-terrain. They are more than worthy replacement faithfully served for many years cars RHM-4-01.Novaya technology in its combat capabilities is unique and allows for radiological, chemical and biological prospecting in the automatic mode, including remotely. Built-in satellite navigation system provides a wide range of opportunities to promptly receive all the information about the infection terrain and objects in real time, to reflect on its electronic map and pass through a single automated command and control system. Moreover, with the help of automatic meteorological kit has the ability to predict the dynamics of the NBC situation.

All equipment and weapons meet modern requirements, and find themselves in the hands of competent professionals, provides a qualitative and successfully complete a variety of tasks in a timely manner to predict technological accidents and disasters, to assist in their removal to ensure the safety of troops in areas of infection.

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