In the Nenets AO joint venture for deep processing of reindeer products


In a joint venture share of the county was 51 percent, the Chinese side — 49 percent.  

As noted at the signing ceremony of the First Deputy Chairman of the District Council of Deputies Anatly Myandin, the new joint venture — a very important step in the development of agriculture and the entire region as a whole.

"In the NAO has 180,000 head of reindeer. At the bottom is mainly used only reindeer meat. In China have the technology and experience of deep processed products of other components for the manufacture of dietary supplements, cosmetics and medicines. Nearly waste-free processing of reindeer products will give new promising impetus to the county agricultural sector. joint venture — means new jobs and additional income of county farms ", — said Anatoly Myandin.

Our reindeer graze freely in nature and feed on natural food. In extreme Arctic conditions they produced the highest number of biologically active substances. Accordingly, formulations and products that are obtained from these animals are more valuable.

In China there are 76 kinds of drugs are used in the production of virtually all deer. Blood deer Oriental medicine sees as a means of extending the life and health of the human body. Preparations of deer blood is used in many diseases.

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