In the Nenets Autonomous District has earned a new venture for recycling lamps

Demercurization company for dismantling and recycling of fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps built and started operating in the village Searchers, the official website of the Polar region. Funds in the amount of about 800 thousand rubles came from the district budget and passed as subventions village administration seekers.

Another 1.2 million rubles for the purchase of equipment provided under the "Comprehensive Program for the treatment of industrial and domestic waste in the DoD" Municipal area "Polar Region" for 2012-2015, "the report says.

Funds were used to purchase two containers, development of special facilities for demercurization installation as well as the purchase of a special gazortutnogo the analyzing device.

Per shift at the plant is expected to process up to 150 lamps, rates for businesses and individuals are set at the rate of 26-to 35 rubles, depending on the type of lamp.

After decontamination and grinding lamp turned into a homogeneous mass, which refers to the waste of the fourth — low hazard class, and transported to the landfill waste.

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