In the new district of St. Petersburg offers 2 kindergartens


 In Slavyanka, the new district of St. Petersburg, opened just two kindergartens.

January 25 started GDOU number 36, and after him, February 1, will be open GDOU number 35.

Each of the nursery is designed for 110 seats for children from two to seven years. The building of a kindergarten group has 6 cells: two — for nursery groups of 15 people and four senior groups of 20 children. Facilities for nursery groups have a separate entrance from the street. In addition to the group of cells in the building housed a music and gymnastic halls, interest circles the room, and the pool size of 7×3 m, a depth of 0.5 to 0.6 m

Area plots occupied by each of the kindergartens is about 7,000 sq ft … In areas settled equipped play areas for each of the groups as well as private halls for walking in cloudy weather.

Today, the states of both nurseries are staffed by almost 100%. Both kindergartens — General developing species, work on the program "From birth to school." In the long run pre-schools will be sports and recreation, they have all the necessary conditions for that. In particular, in the basins of kindergartens for the children will be organized swimming lessons. Children will engage in groups of no more than 6 people under the guidance of a professional instructor — the position of the expert is included in the staffing of pre-schools. 

Kindergartens in the Slav were built on the system of public-private partnerships. Thanks to this program, funding has become Slav area, whose residents are provided with the most complete services of social facilities. Check the area began in May, at the end of January registered a little over 4 thousand inhabitants. In this case, the first object of the social infrastructure — a school for 825 students was opened in November 2011.

"Today, we can see that in Slavyanka, mostly populated by young families with children, or planning, so the nursery for them — the agency essentials, — says Oleg Eremin, first vice-president of GC" Baltros "- We are very pleased that we were able to find such a scheme of financing the construction of infrastructure, which has enabled us to provide timely Slav settlers services they need. "

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