In the new district Slav (St. Petersburg) have opened the first school

In the new area of the city — Slav — opened the first school. Secondary school number 511, Pushkin District became the first object of the social infrastructure in St. Petersburg, built on a system of public-private partnerships. The total area of the school — 18 072 sq.m. It is designed for 825 students.

The building has 33 classes, specialized classrooms, including two computer labs, a language lab and library, dining room, conference hall, a dentist’s office. School in the Slav — one of the few that provides the opportunity to study in classes for children with disabilities. The building has a lift and special lifts for wheelchairs.

The school has two gyms and two pools. The small pool is designed for primary school children. Its maximum depth is 0.8 m Large — 25 meters, 5 lanes and a depth of 1.4 to 1.8 meters — for students in grades 4-11. Gyms also have their specialization. In a small, mirrored hall will take classes in dance and gymnastics. A sporting hall of a little less than 550 sq given sports game. Here are installed basketball hoops, net for volleyball, wall bars, horizontal bars, sports equipment.

On school grounds is a stadium and two playgrounds for basketball and volleyball. Artificial turf stadium makes it perfect for a game of football. Also, the stadium is an isolated area for long jump, a display board for the propulsion, equipped treadmills.

School can be justifiably proud of their assembly hall, which is designed for 495 beds, with an area of over 350 square meters It features a bandstand, arerstsenoy and technical facilities to accommodate the operator, broadcasting center, the announcer. Behind the scenes settled artistic shower room and two bedrooms.

November 21 at the new school of 280 students came. Formed one thread from 1 to 10 classes. Only 7 classes — two.

School in the Slav — the first of five objects of social infrastructure, which in the next two years will be opened in residential areas and Slav New Izhora. In Slavianka in 2012, will open their doors to two kindergartens with 110 seats each, while New Izhora has already begun construction of a kindergarten for 110 places and a secondary school for 825 pupils. In addition, the New Izhora currently under state contract for the construction of the building is still one of the kindergarten.

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