In the new method worked SOUTH building bridges

Large-scale exercises parts of the logistics of the Southern Military District were near Volgograd and Novorossiysk. They were attended by the airborne units and train troops, flying and technical services of the Air Force, Marines and sailors of the Black Sea Fleet.

Supervised exercises Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Dmitry Bulgakov. Last time this smaller event was organized in 2004.

This time, attracted to the teachings of 4.5 thousand soldiers 1,5 thousand pieces of military equipment. The exercise has been played more than 60 episodes. Part practiced organization providing comprehensive mechanized infantry and tank units in combat, catering and bath and laundry service in the field, air refueling, training and landing equipment and personnel parachute, fueling a massive armored vehicles and other items.

One of the major challenges facing the rail portion — guidance combined pontoon bridge for rail and road transport, as well as the restoration of the destroyed railway track.

— The work carried out pontoon bridge battalion of the 37th brigade of the train, the guys coped with its task well, well done, — said General Bulgakov. — We showed a completely new method of building bridges, built bridges across a large water hazard in a combined way, docked three very different types of bridges.

On maneuvers also attended by representatives of the armed forces of Germany and Belarus, which are interested in the work of railway troops, road curfew battalions, logistics management system, as in the armies of these countries do not have many structures in the MTO, which is in Russia.

In Novorossiysk during exercises was involved large landing ship, which have been worked out items such as the organization of a ship at sea refueling, loading equipment and weapons, carried out the rescue operation to extinguish a fire on a ship in distress. In addition, a group of frogmen prevent "diversion" on one of the objects of the MTO.

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