In the new neighborhood built Sochi kindergarten

New housing estates, which appeared in Sochi in preparation for the upcoming Winter Olympics, is fully satisfied by the objects of social infrastructure. The best example of this — the neighborhood Fun — Psou. Next door to the construction of residential quarters for immigrants are built on the Olympic program, a new school with 1,000 seats, a clinic and a hospital unit. Soon, with the recently issued by the administration of Sochi permission to enter the facility, will earn more and kindergarten.

New pre-school appeared in accordance with paragraph 1.55 of Olympic regional program — "Construction of pre-school for 140 children in the village. Hilarious Adler district with the prospect of enlargement for 280. "


In architectural terms, and on the capacity of a kindergarten in the district Fun — Psou is a replica of pre-school in another district of the Olympic — "Tauride."

A children’s home in a two-story, H-shaped, according to plan, the building. Kindergarten is fully furnished, equipped with modern equipment. For people with disabilities provided a lift. Kindergarten is equipped with a full set of centralized services to the life support system, as well as alternative sources of energy — installed solar panels on the roof.

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