In the New Urengoe completed construction of a new station



  In the "gas capital of Russia" for decades of oil and gas has changed everything except the train station. Despite the impressive list of the largest mining companies and their infrastructures are still coming to the building meets the "shanty-Shed" type. An attempt in the 90-ies of the last century to build a new "gateway cities" ended in failure — the unfinished building stood abandoned until 2011.

  At the second attempt, it seems, all the station will be built. Earlier it was planned to boost job and start a new station in December, but this idea was abandoned. According to the governments of the region, the official opening of the long-awaited complex is scheduled for February 2013. The two-story building is designed for passenger traffic to 250,000 people a year. The main waiting hall for 300 combined with cash registers, coffee shop and service center. 



In September, near the new station opened monument. This Locomotive Series TE-3 first arrived in New Urengoy 30 years ago.


  Old train station looks like.


  The new terminal has a dual purpose — to train and voyage, and shift buses. On the square in front of it there is a taxi rank. The mining profile of the region, the center of which is the New Urengoy station makes a transit point for shift crews, from where they are sent to the field bus. Because in the station complex will have a long rest rooms, including shift workers and for the following to work or home.
Information fromhttp://novyy-urengoy.rf 

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