In the New Urengoe started producing jet fuel

TS-1 fuel for jet aircraft and helicopter engines, or, more simply, jet fuel began to release the Yamal Peninsula, in New Urengoy. For preparation plant Condensate is not the main direction of production, but it is very important and promising. 

It’s the first in the county and the second — in the whole of the Tyumen region, who will now be supplying kerosene for aviation. Continuing the theme — the material of Anna Vershinina.

Nicholas Veljko, process plant operator ZPKT: "The company I work … It seems that yesterday, and for 22 years this year it will be."

Two decades — as a jiffy. Because of his life at work says Nicholas Veljko. All these years the plant on which it operates, to produce diesel fuel. And more recently, a new product is released.

Jet fuel TS-1 (or more simply — aviation kerosene) started producing in New Urengoy. In late February the plant where we are now, shipped the first batch of jet fuel to the Russian consumer. In a year, it is planning to produce up to 10,500 tonnes of jet fuel.

And that’s just in the plans for 2013. The main raw material for the production of jet fuel — gas condensate. At the factory it comes with all the fields located near Novy Urengoy. And there are millions of tons per year. Here from it produce about 20 kinds of commodity products. Now, in the list, and jet fuel.

Nicholas Veljko, process plant operator ZPKT: "There were experienced runs. Not one, not two. There were probably four. We are proud we can even knock himself on the chest and say, yes, we can. "

Companies manufacturer of fuels for aviation took a few years to bring production on an industrial scale and meet the stringent requirements of technical regulations.

Oleg Obukhov, chief engineer ZPKT: "In the first stage, generally determined by the volume of production, the structure of production, process chain. Further regulations were studied. These regulations are repeatedly consistent with Institute of Civil Aviation and other organizations. The result is that today we begin to let small amounts, but to ship this product. "

The first production batch of fuel from New Urengoja already used in the squadron of Kurgan. And there is the prospect that the jet fuel, the gas released in the capital, will be used in airports and Yamal.

Victor Chernukhin, plant manager for the preparation of Condensate: "That we were a part of the registry Institute of Civil Aviation, as an organization that is admitted to the production of fuel, and the fuel itself, which is approved for use on aircraft. Now comes the application procedure under the supervision of our fuel. "

List of manufacturers of jet fuel in Russia has expanded. In Yamal is the only company that produces this type of fuel. The four specialized vessels already have a stock — almost half thousand tons, which received a positive opinion of the Ministry of Defense. The plans of management of the plant — a large-scale reconstruction of the production. She will go out on an annual level of 100,000 tons of aviation kerosene.

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