In the North-Caucasian railway passenger traffic grows

From January to May 2013 by rail in the North-Caucasian railway benefited 16.2 million passengers, which is 3.5% more than the same period in 2012. 

In May of 2013 on the infrastructure of the North-Caucasian railway sent 3.55 million passengers, up 4.3% over the same period last year. Of those in suburban sent 2.88 million passengers (+4.5%) in 2012, in the far distance — 0.67 million passengers, up 3.5% from the same period last year.

The passenger in the Suburban in May 2013 amounted to 0.12 billion passenger-km, which is 3.8% more than the same period last year, at the far post — 0.59 billion passenger-kilometers, up 3.4% more as compared to May 2012

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