In the North-Caucasian railway since 2012 received 17 new locomotives

As part of the investment program of OAO "Russian Railways" "The acquisition of locomotives" in the North Caucasus Directorate traction received 9 freight locomotives, passenger and 5 3 shunting locomotive.

Park locomotive depot operational Tuapse joined 9 freight locomotives 2ES4K "Donchak" built at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. 2ES4K — Eight-two-piece main cargo DC electric. The maximum speed — 120 km / h"Dons" specifically for the North-Caucasian railway made NEVZ in cargo-passenger version. To ensure the required braking performance mode and reduce braking distance trains in the design of electro-brake added. Also used electrical equipment designed for centralized power passenger train.

In locomotives, improved working conditions for locomotive crews. To do this, they are equipped with a microprocessor control system that provides both manual and automatic traffic control and automatic driving modes trains, diagnosis and motion parameters of the electric equipment. Provided telemechanical control system waking machinist (TSKBM). Comfortable for the locomotive crew cabin is equipped with air conditioning, fridge and sanitary equipment (WC).

Electric 2ES4K equipped with an integrated safety device (KLUB-U) and automatic train braking control (SAUT-TSM/485).

In operational locomotive depot Tuapse "Dons" replaced the outdated locomotives VL10.

Until the end of 2012 is expected to flow an additional 11 units of electric locomotives of this series.

In operational locomotive depot Krasnodar sent 5 new passenger locomotives TEP70BS. In the summer they provide passenger services on the site Crimean — Anapa. In the autumn-winter period, these locomotives are involved in the non-electrified sections of the road Sal’sk — Rostov, Caucasian — Svetlograd, Gudermes — Cool — Makhachkala. TEP70BS a design speed of 160 km / h are designed for driving passenger trains superior to non-electrified railway sections. TEP70BS built to meet modern standards for environmental and traffic safety. The power supply system of the train to reduce harmful emissions and improve the working conditions of conductors cars.

  • locomotive TEP70BS
  • locomotive TEP70BS

3 shunting diesel locomotive TEM7 came in operational locomotive depot Bataiysk. These locomotives differ much power, they are specially designed to work in marshalling yards are designed for shunting and hump-export operation, the system can be operated in two units. The cab is designed to meet current health and hygiene requirements. The locomotive system is provided vigilance driver, told NCR service corporate communications.

  • locomotive TEM7
  • locomotive TEM7

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