In the North Caucasus Federal University opened a new laboratory

In the beginning of the year Institute of Construction and Transportation Engineering SKFU opened a new science learning laboratory. Interdepartmental laboratory complex studies, materials, structures and mechanisms based on the technical and policy-based American company NationalInstruments. Laboratory equipment was made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, won the university.

The laboratory is a computer lab with the complexes with interchangeable cards, boards and sensors and a single graphical programming software LabVIEW. Measure the vibrations of sound, the power of resistance of metal deformation and permanent deformation of materials, temperature change, and any other parameters in the engineering, construction, geology, calculate the dependence of one process from another — all can be at the hospital laboratory equipment. It is also equipped for the complex field of research beyond the walls of the university and a small portable unit to gather information. 

The uniqueness of the equipment is complete interchangeability of "iron", the possibility of different units integrated into a single system and the ability to handle any LabVIEW program information. The user while not necessarily have to be a programmer — just give the machine a precise task.

The lab equipment is designed to work with digital and analog devices with the ability to capture data. It will be used for different processes to develop prototype products for the laboratory, "semi-natural" test — from idea to implementation (such as the development of embedded systems is completely finished).

Similarly, the software used by world-famous brands of «LEGO» to «Ford», from «Nokia» to «Boeing». The latter, for example, use it to test aircraft during landing and take-off in a dynamic mode: with the help of 500 microphones, integrated program, noises are collected, analyzed, and based on these data, conclusions about possible problems with the turbines. The program also allows you to choose the optimal solution to the problems.

Harnessing the power lab will allow students and teachers of the institute to conduct research and development, as close to practical conditions. It will also allow graduates of the Institute of Construction and Transportation Engineering GFR skills to use modern equipment for further work in manufacturing or in scientific or engineering work.


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