In the north of the Rostov region opened a new milk processing plant

November 29, in Millerovo open a new milk processing company, established on the basis of "Molzagotpromtorg"Founded by Miller’s rural consumer society.

In 2013, the milk processing plant plans to produce 360 tons of finished products.

— Although it is a small processing plant with capacity of 5 tons of milk a day, its discovery is of great importance for the development of both Millerovsky store, as well as for agricultural district — said during the opening chapter of Don agriculture. — Development of cooperation will help to solve the problem of procurement, processing and marketing of farm and household plots, which undoubtedly will affect their financial status and future plans. Therefore, Don supported such initiatives and projects. In just two years the total amount of state support cooperation was more than 85 million rubles.

In his speech, Chairman of the Board Millerovsky rural consumer society Zoe Bezotosniy noted that the local co-operators have a wealth of experience in procurement of milk from the population:

— Over the years, five of our milk tankers were purchased from the rural population of the region of 600-700 tons of milk a year, the district installed four coolers of milk. Previously purchased milk Semikarakorskiy give up on milk factory, but we came to the conclusion that implement purchased and processed milk will be more profitable. And in June of this year, started the construction of the dairy plant on the basis of the existing warehouse.

Less than six months have been carried out all communication, construction works, purchased necessary equipment.

All of these types of works and purchase of equipment cooperators have spent 17 million rubles.

Don authorities have also supported the initiative Millerovsky store, allocated on the basis of the decision of the Government of the Rostov region number 39 dated 20.01.2012 "The financial support for agricultural consumer cooperatives and organizations of consumer cooperatives"From the regional budget 4.3 million rubles for the implementation of this project. Were partially offset by the cost of acquisition of the equipment, milk truck, milk coolers and vehicles for the sale of finished products.

As a result of working in November in a test mode, the company purchased approximately 8,300 tons of milk from 200 farms and private farms of the area and has already sold the finished products worth more than 187 thousand rubles.

Help. Miller’s general store in terms of aggregate income is the largest consumer society in the Rostov oblpotrebsoyuza and the 1st place.

Rural cooperative society in Millerovskiy area has 13 manufacturing facilities for the production of bread, pasta and confectionery products, animal feed, vinegar, vegetable oil and vegetable processing.

Over the years, Miller’s general store undisputed leader among consumer societies in terms of procurement activities. It accounts for 16% of the total purchases of agricultural consumer cooperatives area.

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