In the Northern Fleet began intensive flying ASW aircraft

Long-range anti-submarine crews of Tu-142 and anti-aircraft medium-range IL-38 together with the crews of naval anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27 naval aviation of the Northern Fleet (NF) started on March 12 to perform operations with working bombing targets on marine and coastal sites.

During the flight crews of anti-aircraft and helicopters improve their skills in search, classification and tracking of submarines to the integrated use of radar and sonar equipment antisubmarine detection. When operating in difficult meteorological conditions, pilots organized interaction with ships SF in order to increase the effectiveness of anti-submarine warfare tasks in the Barents Sea.

In addition to the data mining tasks SF ASW aircraft pilots improve their skills over the course of a given passage bezorientirnoy terrain in the absence of ground aids to air navigation, aerial ice reconnaissance is carried out, the data which make it easier to navigate a route and civil courts in the northern areas.

The flights are on a fixed route over the Barents and White Seas in strict accordance with international regulations on the use of airspace. Total for the implementation and enforcement of the training flights of naval aviation SF involved more than two thousand military pilots and maintenance personnel and aviation support services.

Flight operations of naval aviation was preceded by careful preparation to test readiness of engineering and technical personnel and ground services and specialists to ensure the objectives of flight training.

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