In the Northern Fleet growing number of large families

More recently, the list of large troops of the Northern Fleet (NF) joins the second foreman articles Wladimir Kryvenko serving on a large landing ship "Alexander Otrakovsky."

In late January, Vladimir took away from the Murmansk regional perinatal center, and his wife Alena newborn triplets — Baby Andrew, Arseny and Arina. We now have a young family pleasant chores — at the hands of Vladimir Kryvenko lookout warrant for two-bedroom service apartment in Severomorsk.

It remains to complete the collection of documents for the apartment and get ready for the move.

Each member of a large family in a special account at the Northern Fleet Command. Total reported on the SF 193 military families in which three or more children. Three soldiers SF raise five children.

Previous Repeated replenishment of the family was recorded in the village of Deer Guba Murmansk region. Family Junior Sergeant Coastal Forces SF Catherine Orepevoy, which are growing twin boys in November last year and replenished with another twin girls. Large families primarily distributed service housing, assisted in solving other social and domestic issues.

Today the issue of providing office accommodation of large families of military SF fully resolved in Severodvinsk, Polyarninsky, Gadzhievskom, Vidyaevskom Zaozerskaya and military garrisons.

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