In the Northern Fleet were unannounced exercises

Unannounced drills to test readiness of rescue forces conducted anti-submarine in the Barents Sea, said on Monday the head of the press service of the Northern Fleet Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga. 

"The sudden decision of the exercises were held Northern Fleet Commander Admiral Vladimir Korolev. By the maneuvers involved and other naval forces, operating activities planned combat training in the Barents Sea, "- said V.Serga.

According to him, according to legend exercises in neutral waters of the Barents Sea, to the north of the island Kil’din, contact with a foreign submarine crew found heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great". In a given area to practice the task of finding, tracking and conditional boats were sent to destroy a large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov", as well as anti-IL-38 and Tu-142.

"Anti-submarine forces, in particular the crew of the large anti-submarine ship" Vice-Admiral Kulakov "anti-submarine aircraft and crews have coped with the performance of the task and have shown good results when developing sudden opening" — said the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Korolev, summing up the preliminary results of teaching .

V.Serga also said that in the battle proper training ranges in the Barents Sea crew cruiser "Peter the Great" will continue to practice anti-submarine tasks in coordination with the submarine SF. During the exercise, the crew of the cruiser will have to search for the submarine, tracking it, and then spend the conditional elimination of the practical implementation of the complex firing anti-submarine weapons ship.

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