In the Northern Ladoga region began gasification.

In Olonec on Friday was given the symbolic start of gasification four areas of Ladoga Karelia. The new gas boiler in the center of the first welded seam on the gas pipeline that will provide natural raw materials and first Olonetsky Pitkärantsky and later Lahdenpohsky and Sortavalsky areas.
The plans — to build four branch from the main gas pipelines and gas distribution stations, 14 local gas pipelines, will lay 500 kilometers of distribution network for 75 years Human Settlements in the North Ladoga. This will provide natural gas to about 17 thousand apartments and houses, to build 69 gas-fired boilers. Only in the study area in the next two years will put into operation 19 boilers to run on natural gas, will replace more than 70 kilometers of heating system.

In total, the gasification of the republic until 2015 will be invested 8.8 billion rubles.

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