In the Northern Shipyard started cutting metal on the first production Corvette

Project 20385

03.04.2013 In the boathouse of "Shipyard" Severnaya Verf "started work on cutting metal on the first production Corvette Project 20385, serial number 1006. Told Central Navy Portal According to a source in the shipbuilding industry.

Cutting metal on the time it will take April and May, then in June of it will be welded to one of the sections of the groundbreaking ceremony of the new corvette, tentatively scheduled for mid-summer. Earlier, some media outlets claimed that the ship will be named "Agile".

Severnaya Verf started building another corvette according voennnogo shipbuilding program in accordance with a contract signed with the Ministry of Defence, for the construction of four units of Project 20385 corvettes. 

The ceremony of installation mortgage board the lead ship of the project 20385 (serial number 1005) was held in February 2012, work on the hull of the ship began at the plant in the summer of 2011. The first order of this project given the legacy of the ships of the Russian and Soviet Navy name — "Rumbling".

Corvette (frigate 2nd rank) 20385 project developed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" on the basis of already being mass-produced in the fleet ships of "Guarding" 20380 with the current requirements and operating experience. From predecessors, the new ship differs increased to 2,200 tons displacement and size. Its length will be 105 meters, width — 13 m, draft — about 8 meters.

Combat capabilities significantly increased installation of a new universal missile complex "Caliber-NK" with a unified launcher under several types of missiles — both anti-and for firing at shore targets. In the arms of a new corvette includes anti-aircraft missile system "Redoubt", a 100-mm gun mount A190-01, two 30-mm anti-aircraft AK-630M, a complex PLO "package".

On the ship will be based antisubmarine helicopter Ka-27PL. One of the advanced features of the ship — the presence of an integrated opto-mast with a set of modern radar systems and systems for primary processing of about 500 targets, secondary processing of several dozen goals with the ability to target designation for other ships. Optronic mast presence will boost the combat effectiveness of the Corvette and its potential to bring a class of larger ships — frigates.

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