In the Novgorod region created a large agricultural enterprise on meat cattle breeding

In 2012, the Company "Astrilovo" launched a project: the creation and development of a vertically integrated agricultural enterprises to beef cattle breeding. The essence of the project: creation of breeding reproducer cattle Aberdeen Angus with its own broodstock 4,000 heads of specialized feeding complex with capacity of more than 6,000 animals, production and sale of meat products from beef. Project period: 2012-2019 years.

  • Farm "Astrilovo" in Staraya Russa area of Novgorod region
  • Farm "Astrilovo" in Staraya Russa area of Novgorod region

At present, the number of cattle heads in 2080 is already Aberdeen Angus. 

In meat cattle breeding, the breed is considered the most precocious. For one and a half years of bull gaining up to 800 kilograms of weight. However, while the "Astrilovo" works exclusively on increasing the herd. Heifers imported from Australia last year crossed with American bulls. 600 calves — this is the first generation of Novgorod AberdeenAngus. Until about 500 babies will be born before the end of this year. Breeding farm in the plan to make the main focus. Today, the price for a good bull-producer on the market reaches 300 thousand.

"Never in the Novgorod region such animals breed was not. Today, we have about two thousand head of the herd. And, if we look closely — malyshnya runs, and live calves here. And the next year they will really provide a good product to sell as breeding animals, "- said Governor Sergei Mitin.

Breeding work on the pedigree farm at all given special attention. At the site in the village of Flarevo are stocky gobies mestizos. They got by crossing the usual black-and-White cows with Aberdeen Angus. In the first generation of such a union makes an incredible splash of genes. This is exactly what the herd will go exclusively for meat.

"Dairy farming is not very effective to keep a cow that gives the milk a little, but she can feed her calf. We cover the cow Aberdeen Angus and because meat is dominated by signs, the calf is born meat breed "- said the expert in beef cattle breeding, LLC" Astrilovo "Alexander Noritsyn.

The project, believe in the government, will be of particular interest to local people. Aberdeen-Angus is very unpretentious. Living under the open sky, grass-fed, and only require a dry winter bedding and watering heating. Over one and a half years of work in the surrounding villages, "Astrilovo" gave life in general. Nearly 3,000 acres of formerly vacant land now trampling herd of cows, and the local people look after them.

The company revolutionized the grounds for detention landed cattle d.Flarevo. The construction of the mechanical workshops, feeding table in the village constables. Modernization of grain silos, feed production plant, livestock handling facilities and a hotel culvert. Built checkpoint. Purchased grain dryer, commissioning of which is scheduled for September. Last year it was purchased in Australia in 1040 head of pedigree cattle were purchased 39 units. Sown area in 2013 amounted to 8975 ha, including grain — 765 ha, maize — 500 ha, perennial grasses — 7710 ha. At present, harvested for winter feed units 21 hundredweight per head.

At full capacity, and that 10,000 head of cattle, "Astrilovo" should come out in 2019. If it works, the farm will be one of the largest in the area and will create nearly 600 jobs.

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