In the Novgorod region increased production of paper and paperboard

For the 2012 edition of paper in the region has increased in comparison with 2011 by 18.4% to 74.1 million tons, while the production of paperboard increased by 29.5% to 21.6 million tons, according to Novgorodstat.

The volume of shipments of pulp and paper products in the field for the year increased by 18.7% in value terms amounted 9.3 billion rubles.

Release of lumber in the subject declined by 7.1% to the same period last year to 777,100 cubic meters. Production of wood chips fell by 9.5% to 412,500 cubic meters. The volume of shipments of enterprises engaged in the processing of wood and wood products production, in the Novgorod region from January to December 2012 reached 13.6 billion rubles, which is more than in 2011 by 4.2%.

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