In the Novgorod region increases fertility

As reported by the Committee of Vital Records Novgorod region, January-July 2013 the region has registered 4,239 newborn babies, up 97 children or 2.3% compared to the same period in 2012.

In July 2013 registered 752 newborn babies, this month became the most fruitful for the birth rate in the current year. 52% of the newborns — the boys, 48% — girls. This year, 80 registered the birth of twins.  

Thanks to the measures of state and regional support for families with children in the families of area residents was born more than the second, third and subsequent children. Of the total number of births second, third and subsequent children in January-July this year amounted to 56.6% (in 2012 the figure was 53.4%). More than 53% of women who became mothers between the ages of 26 and 35 years, and 33% aged 20 to 25 years, 1.3% — at the age of 17 years and younger.

Parents of boys often choose names for their sons Alexander and Artem, girls often called names Daria and Anastasia.

At the request of parents, professionals OCS Novgorod Oblast Committee of the registrar hold state registration of birth of newborn babies in a festive atmosphere. Together with the first document of their baby — birth certificate — parents are given commemoratives "born on the Novgorod land", "born in the Novgorod land", established by the decree of the Governor of the Novgorod region, as well as certificates guaranteeing the provision of child seats in their children’s preschool.

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