In the Novgorod region large families presented certificates to


Novgorod Region Administration has decided to encourage rural families with children. They were awarded certificates for cows. In the village of Paul Parfinsky district received a certificate of a large family of Olga Nikolaevna Racheeva. Olga Racheeva — the mother of four children, two of whom are adopted.

Besides Racheeva family, the same family has received certificates of Valentina Nikolaevna Kudrjashovoj Togot Holmskogo village of the district, raising her six adopted children.

In the village of the district Brody Moshensky cow transferred Ekaterina Nikolaevna Solovevoj. In her family raised 10 children, 6 of which are adopted.

The ceremony was attended by the First Deputy Chairman of the Regional Committee on Agriculture and Food of Igor Khaletskiy, representatives of administrations of municipalities and companies’ Belgrankorm Novgorod the Great. "

This project is organized administration Novgorod region in the charity marathon "Christmas gift." Breeding heifers for private farming has allocated of "Belgrankorm Novgorod."


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