In the Novgorod region open up new nurseries

Novgorod Region Governor Sergei Mitin attended the opening of a new kindergarten in the village of Sour Novgorod region.

The new facility will be able to be brought more than 100 children. Its opening will solve the problem of placement of children in preschools in the community and greatly improve the conditions of inmates pre-school groups.

Another rural kindergarten was opened in the village Volot Novgorod region this summer. The opening of the kindergarten completely remove the problem of security in the area of children of pre-school places in educational institutions.


Overall, in 2010 the total number of seats in the institutions that implement a program of pre-school education rose to 636 in 2011 — to 904.

Until now, pre-school groups in the village Syrkovy housed in a building built in 1956, which did not meet modern requirements — in groups was the high humidity, there was no hot water. The new garden — bright large rooms, good plumbing and furniture, cozy children’s bedrooms and playrooms, a beautiful music room, art studio. Catering department is equipped with the latest technology. Fully landscaped grounds kindergarten.


Governor Sergei Mitin congratulated the residents of Sour with a significant event, thanked the builders for the fact that the reconstruction of the social object was carried out efficiently and in the shortest possible time. In addition, the head of the region handed preschool institution certificate for the funds to equip children’s furniture, sports equipment, teaching materials, games and toys.

As reported by the Committee of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Novgorod region, the need of the population of Novgorod region in early childhood services is satisfied by 97%.


In most municipalities and Novgorod number of children receiving pre-school education is growing steadily. The most significant improvements are observed in Novgorod, Staraya Russa, Borovichi, Pestovsky municipal areas, the urban district of Novgorod.


Targeted work to increase the number of places for pre-school children is carried on in several areas: construction, reconstruction, repair of buildings, use of buildings and premises, returned to pre-school education, the discovery of new groups through the use of vacant premises of educational institutions themselves and preschools . So, in 2011, completed the reconstruction of kindergartens in paragraph Volot, in the village of Sour, the second building of the kindergarten number 8 "Cinderella" city of Veliky Novgorod, has completed the overhaul of kindergarten № 2 "SPRING" in rp Sacra.

Work is underway to support the development of the private sector in early childhood education, the organization of the work of family education, the implementation of public-private partnership in the field of early childhood education.

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