In the Novgorod region opened fire interdistrict chemical plant

The project to build a new station is implemented in the framework of the federal program for the conservation of forests and fire safety. It is equipped with tractors, forest fires, forest patrol small complexes «Silant" (Veliky Novgorod), bulldozers and their means of delivery to places of fire, motor pumps, foamers, chainsaws and TV equipment to remove a computer monitor the exact position of the fire.


PHS-3 will monitor the situation not only in the forests of Novgorod, but also the neighboring areas. The cost of equipping the new station consisted of 36 million rubles, of which 95 percent — from the federal budget, 5 percent — the regional budget. The Committee on Forestry and Forest Products will take over maintenance of the station, for that undertake the necessary training.

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