In the Novgorod region the country’s first electronic database of archaeological finds

The country‘s first electronic database of archaeological findings established in the Novgorod region, said a representative of the Regional Committee culture. To get acquainted with the artifacts on the site of the Novgorod State University.

 "The basis of the project is an archaeological collection gathered over time Starorusskaya archaeological expedition Novgorod State University, and with more than 20,000 items, fully characterize the material culture of Staraya Russa and other archaeological monuments of Novgorod, from the early Middle Ages to the present day," — said the head of Starorusskaya Elena Toropova archaeological expedition, whose words the press service of the Committee kultury.Po her, added every day findings of the field season in 2012. In addition to photos of artifacts, you can find a detailed description of the exhibit and a place where it is located. 

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