In the Novosibirsk PLP completed construction of a railway


Total investment in the project to build a railway crossing and 5.5 km of access and connecting railroads totaled 147 million rubles. The launch of this section of tracks is of particular importance because the site connects the major residents of industrial and logistics park (PLP), such as the Company "Sladomir" and OOO "RusBitHolod" with sorting the train station, the construction of which will also be completed soon.

Railroad crossing at the intersection of the connecting rail and road routes the first complex number 3, which was put into operation at the end of June. Since the intersection of railway lines and highways, which are at the same level are always the most difficult and dangerous part of the road network, security, traffic, traffic light crossing equipped with an automatic alarm system with automatic level crossing barrier, which is triggered by approaching trains. The object is ready to be commissioned and is under consideration of the acceptance committee, composed of representatives of the Siberian Department of the State Railway of supervision and the Federal Agency for Railway Transport. Today, the total length of railway lines in the area of industrial and logistics park is about 11 km.

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