In the Novosibirsk region build livestock farms

By October 1, in the Tatar district livestock complex will be built on the 400 head of cattle. 

Construction of the complex is with government support under the regional program "Construction of livestock farms (farms) for the production of milk and beef production in the Novosibirsk region in 2010-2012". Under this program, the regional government farms offset 50% of the cost of purchased machinery and equipment, as well as part of the subsidized interest rates on loans.

In 2011, the program had been built 17 livestock farms.

Now the region during the construction phase of the complex are 34. In the near future, three of them will be put — the economy, "Lebedeva" in Iskitimsky area, the farm JSC "them. Lenin "in Kupinsky area and the farm ZAO Agricultural company" Morozov "in Karasuk area.

In the Tatar district also completed construction of an indoor ice rink. Total volume of investments — 154 million rubles, of which 70 million rubles — the federal budget, 84 million rubles — the regional budget.


The main share of agricultural production in the village economy is Kazatkul of "Giant." Today, being a working visit to the Tartar district, the head of the region visited the production site of the economy, the press service of the governor and the regional government. Vasily Yurchenko talked with experts and asked how things are going with the blank feed. As the director of "Giant" Valery Shkurin, "taking into account the carry-over of feed from last year, wintering cattle will be provided to the full."

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