In the Novosibirsk region has earned a new bridge over the Kamenka


In the Novosibirsk region commissioned bridge over the river Kamenka in Suzun area.

According to the press service of the government of the region, this is the first built in this year’s Bridge on the territorial road network. Its reconstruction was completed in 5 months, a month ahead of schedule.

"The building was erected in place of the emergency bridge with wooden poles. The old bridge did not meet the safety requirements, and did not provide the necessary level of capacity ", — the press-service.

The new bridge reinforced concrete structure, the length of the order of 15 m, the width of the roadway — 7 pm Works Ltd. led the "SUPPORT".

The press service added that this year in the area except Suzun Bridge Kamenka scheduled to finish two more bridges: through the river and Karakan Tatchiha. A total of territorial road network is planned to be 13 bridges, another 5 repaired by a grant of the regional budget in the municipalities.

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