In the Novosibirsk region. Open the station quality control

digital TV signal across Russian

The central station management and control systems digital network broadcasting the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network / RTRS / opened in Orda region Novosibirsk region. Its equipment allows real-time tracking of work and television towers in the event of a fault-fly.

Director, Department of operational and technical management network broadcasting RTRS / g Moscow / Nikolai Meshkov said at the opening ceremony of the uniqueness of the station, "It is located in the center of Russia, and will see the two satellites that can cover the entire territory of Russia. "

The station worked previously in beta, already provides the residents of Novosibirsk opportunity in digital quality television programs to watch ten / "Russia 1", "Russia 2", "Russia 24", "Russia By", "Carousel", Channel, NTV, "Channel Five", "TV Center", "Russian Public Television" / and listen to three radio / "Radio Russia", "Mayak", "Vesti-FM" /.

Currently, the branch of the RTRS "Siberian regional center" has already received more than three thousand entries from 51 subjects of the Russian Federation in connection to the central station. 973 digital TV broadcasting station facilities have undergone the procedure of admission and registered at the central station monitoring system.

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