In the Novosibirsk region was first liver transplant from mother to daughter

Last year, the Novosibirsk doctors performed 12 liver transplants. This year already 13. However, that such an operation — the first. Until now, mate liver transplantation was performed only in Moscow. In the Novosibirsk region today, more than 40 people are on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Only a few can help relatives.

Doctors hope that these patients will soon be on the operating table. In the field of transplantation is a center of coordination. The number of quotas for such operations every year more and more. Although problems remain unresolved. This lack of enforcement, lack of many regulations, public opinion … Mother and daughter Stepanov feel good, today they are discharged. Olesya was joking, full of happiness not only enough plates with dumplings. 

They are before the operation were "thick as thieves." And now, as if a whole. Diagnosis Olesya — cirrhosis — surprised everyone. No clear reason — from what? Why? But most of all shocked by the verdict of doctors — can only be saved transplantation.
Olesya Stepanova, a patient of the Novosibirsk Regional Hospital: "There were 2 options — either to change someone else’s body, or by parents, said that from his parents — this is the best option for me."

Svetlana did not doubt for a minute. The more so because her liver came Olesya in all respects.

Svetlana Stepanova, donor, mom Olesya Stepanova: "600 grams regretted child, and left me 400. Feel that it became less, losing weight right."

The operation was in 2 stages. 7:00 on the table held a patient’s mother. As much as she took transplantation. Doctors had to act very carefully. The liver — the body special, a lot of blood vessels. In this case a double load.

Ivan Porshennikov, Deputy Chief of Surgery of the Novosibirsk Regional Hospital: "The most difficult thing to do so that the donor is not affected. This is difficult not only in technical terms, how much responsibility, and this is not only my responsibility, and everyone who worked on this."

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