In the Novosibirsk school number 135 preschool branch opened with 120 seats

In the private sector Bron neighborhood kindergarten has never been, and the only school recognized by the ungraded, studied about 200 children. New life in the three-storey building of the educational institution full steam ahead in September 2011, when they started repair works on the premises of the future pre-school department of "Firefly."

From the photographs in the lobby, which depicted all the stages of transformation of the usual school floors with classrooms in a friendly, modern nursery with six groups of up to 120 people, we can see that in the three months to do a massive amount of work can only be a true master of his craft, which is very love children. Now fully converted to the needs of preschoolers space includes a spacious hallway, a group with changing rooms, bedrooms, scullery and toilet rooms, a hall for music and sports activities, a medical unit and a laundry room.

Major repairs cost the city budget of 21.7 million rubles. In addition to the redevelopment of the premises have been completely replaced by electrical system, heating, water supply, sewerage, installed new ventilation systems, security and surveillance, works on landscaping and fencing of the territory. About five million rubles spent on the provision of preschool office furniture and soft items.

A special pride of the team — the catering department, equipped with modern equipment, to supply students of the school and pre-school children, because before the overhaul in the educational institution only worked buffet.

Attend the opening of pre-school department, Mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky inspected the catering department and praised chefs who at this time have conjured Ovens. Impeccable design space and aroma of fresh pastries — is a strong case! Three-year plan of the group "Naughty breezes" greeted guests warmly and told that the new garden they love.

— For residents of the neighborhood Bron pre-opening office — a significant event — the director of school № 135 Tatiana Latushkina. — We conducted a study and found that so far in the district is home to about 300 preschool age children and they all eventually come to our nursery in the community. Now parents do not have to transport children in pre-schools in the North-Zatulinsky or Chemskiy housing estate, a garden is ready to take all comers.

According to the director, the entire staff is completed in full, combines the work of technical staff at the school and pre-school department, and the teachers are willing to mug for kids program of further education.

By the way, school bells kids do not interfere — they simply can not be heard, also for kindergartners equipped with separate entrances to the building.

— The best option for the remote district of Novosibirsk, where the school is located in the premises kindergarten — said the mayor. -Continuity is that kids will learn in this school. I wish to have in your kindergarten kids grow up happy, and brought them professional, young professionals.

This year in Novosibirsk in 2400 is scheduled to enter places in kindergartens will be built 8 kindergartens at the sites of integrated development. The Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Yurchenko tasked by the municipality to increase the number of input places for 1300, and it’s five kindergartens.

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