In the NSTU has appeared 191 new budget place

In the Novosibirsk State Technical University, new low places — compared to last year the number had risen to 191.

As described in the information service of the NSTU, the plan set for budget training full-time this year is 2,146, of whom 1,591 budget place — teaching undergraduate and specialties, 555 beds — to study a master’s degree.

Most budget places added faculty of Radio Engineering and Electronics — 52 (346) and the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology — 51 seats (243). At the Faculty of Mechatronics and Automation 37 new budget places (216), at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering — 25 (331), at the Department of Energy — 18 (254), at the Faculty of aircraft — 15 (293), at the Faculty of Physics and Technology 14 seats (130), at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science — 10 seats (195).

Reduced budget places on the economic areas of technical faculties and the Faculty of Business. At the faculty of arts education budget by 19 seats more than last year (total 30).

Added the low places at the Institute of Social Rehabilitation of the NSTU, where students learn with disabilities: 10 seats in the direction of the "Computer Science" and 6 for "social work".
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