In the Odessa region opened a second solar plant

Odessa, June 13 (New Region, Dmitry Mace) — In the district of Odessa region Artsyz the opening ceremony of the solar power plant, "Danube" with a capacity of 43.14 MW, which is built by Activ Solar. 

Deputy General Director of the Ukrainian representative office of the company Activ Solar Sergei Yegorov said that the power plant "Danube" from the moment of connection to the network and by the end of May has produced over 20 gigawatt-hours of electricity, thus avoiding emissions of 17,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. For comparison, it is comparable with the fuel economy of a million cars «Daewoo Lanos» to overcome 80 kilometers.

"Or on the other: this is the same amount of electricity {20} gigawatt-hours as from the work of 38,000 60-watt light bulbs all year without a break," — said Yegorov told reporters.

"The power plant — eco-friendly company, which besides generating electricity in close proximity to the consumer and also contributes to the development of electricity in the region", — said the representative of the company.

"Solar power plants contribute to the development of electricity, as Artsizkom area do not generate their own electricity, and in the foreseeable future there will not be built on another kind of power consumption and area will be developed, power consumption will increase. Therefore, these stations as "Danube", are imperative to the region, "- he said.

Deputy Governor of Odessa Region Hlytsov Peter said that the power plant is built on a 80 hectare site, which is not involved in agriculture. Land leased. As a result, the budget of the nearby villages is about 300 thousand hryvnia per year.

The project will create more than 500 jobs for local people during the construction phase.

The construction of such a elektrostatsii an average of about 3 euros per watt, therefore, the cost of construction of the 43 MW power station, "Danube" was about 1 billion UAH.

"It does not cost money, it is money investors", — said the official.

He added that in 2013, the region plans to open three more solar power plants in Kilia, Bolgrad and Reni areas.

"This year we plan to open three more plants — Reni, Kealia and Bolhrad. Next program captures the northern area — a 5 districts, and back again to the South: Sarat, Tarutine, Tatarbunary. Investing in this program will be about 14 billion hryvnia. I must say that our region is on par with the Crimea — the leaders of the Ukraine in this direction, "- said Hlytsov.

"The level of solar activity with Bessarabia, especially in Reni and BOLGRAD District is very high, comparable to that of Spain. Therefore, it is solar energy has good prospects for development in our region, "- added the official.

"I’m sure when we run all planned facilities of solar energy, we will be leaders not only in Ukraine but also in Europe", — concluded the deputy governor.

Recall that in the Belgorod-Dniester region of Odessa regionalready operates solar power "Starokozache"capacity of 42.95 MW / peak.

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