In the Olympic Park, the lights are lit

In the Olympic Park test light devices. Small ice arena wrapped swirl, and the dome of the Bolshoi Ice Palace shimmers with different colors …


Half of the nine in the evening, as the team at the start. On the facade of the arena, "puck" lights are lit. Cold, white light creates the illusion of "blizzard".

"The lights seemed to" catch up "with each other. This has the effect of wind that comes off the ground snowflakes — the head of the project on the artistic lighting of the ice arena, "Washer" Alexander Gilev. — To facade "came to life" and magically turned into a "vortex", took 18 miles of cables and 45,000 LEDs ».

Alexander turns on the monitor and displays the program. 93 processor built into the facade, perform all its tasks. Under the control of the individual — each luminaire. Lighting technician with a mouse click can change the brightness of any device or turn it off completely. With the latest technology to develop the event on the snow-covered facade can be under different scenarios.

This electric "cocktail" lighting "prepared" for more than two months. The atmosphere of the north to the south was created by "intelligent" lighting fixtures that do not burn any extra kilowatts and work for a long time. Thus, the "economical" facade hockey arena will consume only 40 kilowatts of power per hour. "Snow" on the front does not "melt" at least 6 years old.

"Lighting facade — there’s more! Viewers will rise into the arena literally knee-deep in the snow — smiling Alexander. — We highlight the huge ramps leading into the building. Already at the entrance, guests will feel the spirit of winter! ".

Another Ice Palace — "Big" — began to sparkle like a rainbow. This is a test light volley. Lighting test the first segment of the unique media facades.

To the hockey arena instantly changed the face of the builders are inserted into the roof of its 38,000 light devices.

Transformed at dusk will be all palaces Olympic Park. After eight o’clock in the evening of their facades will be "canvases." For example, the winter palace of sports "Iceberg" will turn into a giant wave of aquamarine. And the Olympic stadium "Fischt" will become brittle and air to the eye. In the spotlight it will be similar to the snow-covered mountain top that sparkles under the sun.

In the best light will be presented to each element of the Olympic Park. For a grand light show lighting will establish four types of lighting — exterior, landscape, architectural and ornamental. These systems will operate in different modes — casual, festive and scenario. Any details of the light scenario — in strictest confidence!

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