In the Omsk region, a new plant for the production of charcoal

Built timber company "Cedar" Tevrizsky plant organic carbon will be needed immediately for the two clusters of silicon and forestry.

The company producing charcoal capacity of 3.6 million tons / year (two pyrolysis installation) will be used to meet the needs of plants for the production of silicon metal carbon-reducing agent. Established technical base and to increase the plant‘s capacity to 5.4 million tons / year. Silicon plants will be built in Omsk.

In addition, the cooperation of "Titan" with "Cedar" is about a better process of deep processing of wood waste-free and guaranteed product sales partners as well as "a more efficient conduct of business." Partners will work together to implement the investment project "complex for deep processing of wood waste-free" (timber cluster). One of the goals of cooperation — getting the status of priority investment project in forest development in the long term.

Ltd. "Cedar" — A large timber company specializing in logging, timber processing and wood processing partner "Titan" as the operator of the "PARK" in the area of the forest industry cluster.

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