In the Omsk region built a new pig farm

"Firstborn" agro biocluster federal project "PARK" ready for use starting objects pig Omsk of "Titan-Agro" — hryachnik and plemferma — expect the first batch of selected boars and gilts (of 800 goals).

They have already installed all the necessary equipment, complete exterior and interior trim, part of the premises disinfected, ongoing commissioning (the tuning and testing of systems for feeding and watering, climate).

As the director Vyacheslav Stepochkin pig farm, a project drawn up by modern pig production and is mnogoploschadochnuyu system. For effective business were chosen the best technology and the best breed of pigs (Landrace, Large White, Duroc). Supplied equipment known in our country, the company Big Dutchman (Germany), and breeding stock — the company Hermitage genetics (Republic of Ireland).

Future tenants pig — Irish pigs, which will bring in Omsk in the first ten days of September — all conditions that meet global requirements for safety and health standards. Immediately upon arrival, they will be put in quarantine, and then begin their period of adaptation to a new "home" at the Omsk ground.

* The "PARK: Industrial and Agricultural Regional Clusters" is implemented in the Omsk region "Titan" with the support of the regional government. It consists of four clusters: agriculture, petrochemical, timber and silicon. Project Manager — Deputy of the State Duma Mikhail Sutyaginsky.

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