In the Omsk region has started to work a new brick factory

In the Omsk region has started to work a new pilot plant for the production of bricks.

Implementation of the project was made possible by the Institute for Development of new technologies and automation of the building materials industry.

Capacity of the new brick plant was about 2 million bricks per year. The new plant will operate on a completely new and unique technology that invented and implemented in the region.

Institute of New Technologies and Automation of the construction materials industry — large, modern, harmonious growing company. The institute offers not only the design, manufacture and installation of equipment, but also the technology of production of construction materials with regard to natural resources of the customer. The structure and composition of the Institute specialists are chosen so that created an opportunity to solve complex global, highly specialized and knowledge-intensive task.

The technology gives an opportunity to reduce power consumption, but significantly increase the main consumer properties of the produced bricks, in particular resistance to low temperatures and durability.

The production line is due to the use of new technologies, almost demanding to the quality of the original feedstock. This allows use in the production of the lowest grades loam and high production waste.

In the production of bricks used ash and slag materials. New brick plant is the third such production in the Omsk region, which is used in the production of recycled ash.

Alexander Gorbunov — Minister of Industrial Policy, Transport and Communications of the Omsk region said that about 90% of the components for the new brick plant were all released at the enterprises of the Omsk region.

Omsk scientists promise that we are ready to organize a company for the production of bricks with a capacity of up to 40 million bricks per year.

"Discover the experimental enterprise — is a perfect example of the" production industries. "We hope that such plants will be in rural areas of the Omsk region, find investors in other regions of the country," — said the Minister.

According to forecasts, the volume of building materials in the Omsk region will increase by 15% and will be about 6.3 billion rubles.

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