In the Omsk region in Siberia has earned the largest plant for the production of cottage cheese

Isilkulsky branch WBD be able to process up to 300 tons of milk per day.

Test run on hardware Isilkulskom dairy plant was held in late July 2011. Already Isilkulsky branch of OJSC "Wimm-Bill-Dann" obrazovannoy after the last purchase of ZAO "Milk Isilkul" in October of last year, according to processes 125 tons of milk a day, the power of the equipment is almost 8 tons of classic cheese and about 12 tons of granulated.

In the workshop for the production of cottage cheese installed equipment of German company «Alpma». Re-equipment and reconstruction of concern in the shop cost $ 10 million.  Earlier in the Siberian regions we imported cheese production Ufa and Moscow. Beaded cheese produced at the Moscow plant, we could only bring to Omsk: delivery process took a long time, so the networks are reluctant to take the product to sell. With the opening of this plant will take a number of logistical problems, we will be able to deliver our products to the northern and eastern regions of the country. "

Modernization of the dairy plant is not yet complete: the project provides for the installation of equipment for drying serum that will make virtually no waste production, reduce the impact on the environment and earn extra income for serum contains a high amount of protein and is used in the manufacture of bread, pastries and more.

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