In the Omsk region is the construction of a new settlement with private airfield

In Muromtsevsky district began the construction of the village of environmentally friendly materials. The cost of a log home is only 45 thousand.

On the territory of one of the oldest and most mysterious areas of the Omsk region, Muromtsevsky, will have a new location — the village takeoff. It will be located in a picturesque place near the river Tara. More than 150 houses in the village will be constructed out of wood within the district of the "175 cubic meters."

The essence of the program is that, according to the law of the Omsk region, "On regulation of forest relations," everyone in the region can benefit from the right once in thirty years at a similar price to buy the wood. The maximum amount of building material — 175 cubic meters.


As the head of the district Muromtsevsky Vyacheslav Devyaterikov in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", this wood up to this point is not particularly popular, because it had to be self-sawed in and take out.

— Local residents who received "good" for the purchase of discounted wood preferred to sell their assigned Fissile resellers. Now we invite all interested areas in which from natural material can build your own house. Wood processing organizations acting as investors, the villagers are willing to provide full construction kits for the construction of housing. Materials for log per hundred square meters of "turnkey" future settlers will cost only 45 rubles. Compared to the cost of the finished housing — it’s a penny — told Devyaterikov.

Chapter hopes that the land will be useful to young professionals who move into the area to take up permanent residence. According to him, the future of the complex has running water and other communications, is slid electricity.

It will be in the village and its own airport — the runway ready to take private flights today. The district administration places on this aircraft object high expectations — many tourists visiting the set of "Five Lakes", will be able to get to it with comfort. The future plans — building its own racecourse.

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